Fashion,Makeup and Uniqueness
My pussy taste like Pepsi-Cola,My eyes are wide like cherry pies.
Max Irons should make another movie ASAP he was awesome on The Host and he just has a great editorial look.
I’m literally obsessed with Theo James he is so finee as hell,he has such hot masculine features and them eyes though
My two favorite fashion supermodels look amazing in this photo shoot,Kate is passing her crown down to miss delevingne!
Skylar Diggins is such a great inspiration i just love how she’s hard working,has a blooming basketball career and shows that girls can follow their dreams even if their career path is male dominated.I also love what she’s wearing in this photo-shoot,she on fire and this outfit is just perfect for her body! 
I absolutely LOVE this outfit i mean it just looks so well put together, those over sized pockets are the bomb.I need this outfit in my closet its just perfection.
This look was modeled at the London Fashion Week 2014 for the Burberry prorsum collection.It looks amazing and classy i can see a few celebs rocking this look in the future.

Adriana Lima is the Queen of Victoria Secret  she is so pretty and she can wear anything and make it look amazing.I love this picture she just looks like a boss and looks effortlessly gorgeous.
I absolutely love this girl’s confidence and beauty,i was a fan of Winnie Harlow’s before America’s Next Top Model and i think she’s the one to beat as she is amazingly unique.