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These makeup items are totally on my makeup wishlist, that lipstick looks so lush!
This is today’s Street Style outfit. This outfit is fresh its a contrast between chic and casual just LOVE its simplicity!
Kanye’s recent shoot for GQ Issue.I do like the coat it goes really well with the rest of the outfit as it gives it a sophisticated look yet edgy.Plus those Timbs are the bomb.
This is today’s Street Style outfit of the day. I love the coat and how the sleeves bring colour to the outfit and the denim skirt makes it casual yet she still looks rather formal.
Love the swim suit its gorgeous,the design is perfect and she looks flawless.
Jessica Alba is on fire on this photo shoot for British GQ Mag. The yellow surfboard contrasts perfectly with her swimming costume and her body is to die for.
I love the outfit Kim’s wearing from the Kardashian Kollection it suits her so much,as it bring out her curves and makes her look sexy yet a bit conservative at the same time.
Rihanna looks so like a Queen in this photo,she seriously phucking killing it.And them eyes though!!
Words can’t describe how much i adore Pharrell,i mean his fashion taste is just out of this world! I love that he’s a risk taker and had such a variety of fashion looks. He also inspires me to think outside the box in terms of fashion and music as he is such a trend setter.
Love my home girl Nyasha do your thang and keep representing Zimbabwe.